Properties of good expired domains

Properties of good expired domains

Expired domains are the most important thing towards building Private Blog Networks, it is very important that you build your PBN network on strong expired domains, good expired domains should have the following properties

  • A large number of existing backlink profiles, expired domain which has backlinks from high authority sites like,, .gov, .edu are considered to be good as getting backlinks from these type of sites is difficult, you should also check backlinks coming to your expired in deeply, if the backlinks are coming from true high authority sites and these backlinks are do-follow links then expired domain under analysis is worth buying.
  • Age: Expire domain should have some age minimum 3 years.
  • High authority: high authority means expired domain should have good TF, CF, DA, and PA

Properties of good expired domains

There are few things that you must avoid while choosing expired domains

  • Spammy Backlinks: means links coming from foreign language sites like the Chinese language etc.
  • You should avoid domains with the evidence of spam sites like adults, pharmaceuticals or gambling sites.

Properties of Clean Expired Domains

Clean domains have following properties

  • Backlink coming from true original sites, true original site means that they are providing useful information to their visitors.
  • The Expired domain should look like a real site and it has not been used as PBN in the past.
  • Backlinks coming from clean and pure reputable websites

The type of domains that we need is not easy to find. So, we need to spend some on learning few tools which help in finding expired domains, some of them are paid and some are free, if you can afford paid expired domains searching tools that are always better as they run on autopilot, you only need to give them some input values and the rest is done by these software’s, whereas in the free version you need to do the hard work yourself.

Here is the list of some paid and free expired domain searching tools for your consideration.

  • (Free)
  • (free)
  • Domain Re-Animator (Paid)