Boosting Your Online Business With Private Blog Networks

Boosting Your Online Business With Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks (PBNs) have been the go-to link-building strategy for many grey-hat SEOs in recent years. It has allowed the creation of massive, highly targeted backlinks. It is an important factor for Google and other major search engines when ranking a site.

Whether or not this is the case will remain debatable until Google implements stricter rules for their individual algorithms. Nevertheless, many webmasters have been happily using private blog networks for building backlinks since the inception of the latest Google algorithm. However, the question remains:

Are they worth building from a PPC and ROT perspective?

The short answer is no, but yes they can be a useful part of a comprehensive internet marketing campaign if used correctly. Private blog networks function much like other specialized link-building strategies. The concept is to create one or more link profiles that point back to your main website. Each individual blog network may contain several such profile links, which link directly back to your main website, or to the homepage.

The big difference between Private Blog Networks and regular link-building methods is that with the former, you cannot create content-laden pages to attract visitors. You must provide quality content based on well-researched keywords, learn more about keyword research at so that you will attract a specific type of visitor – the people who are looking for specific information or products.

Private Blog Networks does not offer this type of platform.

So how do you find these blog networks and what do they offer in terms of backlink profiles?

First, there are quite a few online directories offering public access to public blog profiles. Take, for example, Technorati ( it no available anymore), Digg, WordPress, Yahoo Answers ( also shut down its services), and dozens more.

Boosting Your Online Business With Private Blog Networks

There is also the Manual Backlink Directory, but it is not very well-known. On the other hand, there are also internal networks from major search engines (like Google, MSN, and Yahoo) where you can post your link and expect a certain level of visibility for it. Some of them even have a system by which you can be awarded backlink points when people click on your backlink profile link.

Backlinking from public websites is a great way to increase traffic, and it helps your rankings in search engine results. However, most of these websites require users to fill out forms in order to be allowed to link back to their own websites.

Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Networks, on the other hand, do not require any form filling up and are therefore ideal for almost anybody who wants backlinking for their business websites. You just have to find some good expired domains, here is my post which will be helpful in finding you good expired domains

A good expired domain is the one that has a good number of backlinks from authority sites like BBC, CNN, etc. Once you found the expired domain, the rest of the process is very easy, you have to check the contents of the page to which a high authority site is referring too, then you create contents similar to the old contents or just go to paste the URL of your expired domain that has the authority link grab the contents, alter the content if required, and post it on your website.

Your old URL maybe something like, if you are creating an HTML site just name the new URL as links.html and the link juice of high authority site will be transferred to your new page, but if you are creating your new website on WordPress or some other platform, you have to redirect the old URL to the new URL this will retain the link juice. There are several plugins in WordPress that can help you in redirection, otherwise, you have to redirect the old URL to the new url manually.

After the redirection of the old URL to the new URL, the ideal method is to let your site get indexed within few days and when your site gets indexed, create a new piece of good content and send a link from that URL to whom high authority site is pointing too, in this way you will transfer the link juice of old content to the new contents, and now from this new content send link to your money site.

For those who are new to link building, there is also the possibility of using third-party software that does the linking for you. These third-party software applications have been designed specifically for private blog networks, and they are easy to install and use.

Many website owners tend to think that links from other websites will help them get higher rankings in the search engine results. This is not always the case, especially when you do not avoid footprints, but if you know how to avoid footprints this method can boost your money site ranking within few days.

The quality of the website in which a link is placed is much more important than the ranking it receives in the results. As mentioned earlier, in private blog networks, the amount of backlinks from other websites has no bearing on the ranking of the website. So how will you get your website to the top of the rankings in the various websites?

It is true that white hat SEO practices can help you achieve a high ranking in search engines. However, this does not mean that your links will do you any good. You should still ensure that your blogs follow relevant guidelines related to content, keywords, formatting, as well as grammar, and punctuation.

If your sites follow these guidelines, then your links will not be counted in the ranking calculations. In fact, some website owners argue that it is not fair for backlinks to be counted as votes for your site. Backlinks may sometimes be useful for getting your blog’s visibility up in search engines or to get better rankings on other search engines, but they should not be the sole determining factor in your rankings.

One of the best ways to boost your online business is to create a link-building strategy that involves your private blog networks, resource link building, Guest Posts, blog commenting,  directory linking, social profiles, etc, the more you have a diverse link from authority sites, your money site ranking will be higher.

By participating in several blogs related to your niche, you will gain visibility for your site, generate several backlinks to your site, and enjoy the benefits of high search engine rankings and organic traffic. But you need to ensure that your strategies do not include spamming. Your link-building campaign should remain targeted and only contain relevant PPC ads.