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How to Build Backlinks Naturally That Boost Ranking

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Well! Google has 200+ Ranking factors to rank any website and backlinks are one of them.

Google has been always introducing new ranking factors over a period of time to make their SERP results more accurate and relevant for users. Today we are just going to cover one but the major ranking factor of Google that’s is — BACKLINKS.

This is the best ever guide you will read in 2021 about how to build backlinks that will help to boost ranking.

Let’s dive in:

  • What are backlinks?
  • What are the types of backlinks?
  • Powerful & Natural Link Building Tactics

What is a backlink?

You can skip this part if you know about it and can directly move to how to build the backlinks section.

Anyway let’s start:

In very simple and easy words, backlinks are those links that link to your website from another website/blog, post, and images. It helps the google algorithm to identify the quality of any website or article.

Now, let’s little bit more talk about types of backlinks.

What are the types of Backlinks?

There are two types of backlinks that Google algorithm considers to finalize any website ranking.

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks

Don’t get confused. I will explain both types of backlinks:

No-Follow Backlinks —

It means Google and another search will not follow the link. That means, If any website owner linking your website with nofollow attribute, it will not pass any link juice to your website.

Example of Nofollow Backlinks:

<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

Do-Follow Backlinks —

Basically, dofollow links allow Google or another search engine to follow the link and reach your website. Dofollow link passes link juice that helps in ranking.

Example of Dofollow Link:

<a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>

Now I can hope, you have clearly understood Backlinks and their types. If you have done with it. Let’s move on to our final topic that is, natural link building tactics in 2021:

How To Build Backlinks?

So, finally, here we are with the best and effective natural link-building tactics to boost your website ranking. So without wasting time anymore.

7 Best Ways To Build Backlinks In 2021

#01. Guest Posting

Guest posts are the best and natural way to build backlinks. A good backlink that comes through guest posts can boost your ranking. You can go with a paid guests or free guest posts. But my advice will be to go through some hard work and choose the free guest post option.

For the free guest posts, you just have to find your niche-based websites with Good DA & PA and try to find that website that has some organic traffic also. like the figure is shown below: 

good traffic

You can find the site owner by using email hunter chrome extension, which can grab email of sites like in the video shown below 

Pitch them via email or social media handles. You can directly pitch with your guest post content or you can discuss content with them. You can read some more information about backlinks at https://www.seotraffichero.com/make-linksbacklinks/

Pro Tip: Try to find your niche relevant websites for guest posting with good DA & PA. Also, Don’t compromise with your content while writing for guest posts. Give your best!

#02. Spy Competition

Spying competition is the best ever link-building technique. I have ever found and it’s still best to build backlinks in 2021.

When you are spying on competitors’ backlinks at that point you just have to be an “Action Taker“.

Let me help you a little bit more to spy on your competitor’s backlinks:

First of all,

Find your competitors, you just have to search your targeted keyword in the search result. Crime there you will get those websites that are already ranking on that particular keyword.

Here is a short Video of finding competitors if you have access to ahref, if you do not have access to ahref then you can search for free tools on search engines. lets suppose you have a keyword “web design Ireland

Open 4-5 search results and copy links of all the sites and save them on your notepad.

Now, you need a tool to check the backlinks of those websites. You can use any tool like Ahref, Semrush, Spyfu, etc.

My best and favorite SEO tool is ahref. It’s paid tool but it’s worthy to be paid. You can start with a free trial and if you find it useful. You can purchase it.

Put all of your competitor’s website URLs one by one in this tool and you will get to see all the links that other websites are linking to your competitor’s website or article. Download the pdf file of backlinks and filter and extract, spammy and very low Da & sites.

After doing this you will get a list of the best quality and High Da & Pa websites. Now, you just have to pitch them to link for your website. Now it’s your choice, you can ask them for paid links or you can ask them for the guest posts.

It sounds easy but actually, it isn’t. It will take lots of hard work but I’m sure it will worth it.

#03. Broken Links

Broken links are also one of the best backlink building tactics. Let me explain to you what are broken links and how you can use them to build backlinks in 2021.

As the name suggests that any link that has been broken due to the link or article has been deleted. Broken links show a 404 error on the website that badly affects website ranking and any website owner doesn’t want it.

Now, what you have to do is. Find those good quality websites with good DA & PA that have any broken links.

You have to inform them that their website has an error due to deleted content or URL and you can pitch them to replace the link with your content URL. This will be a win-win condition for both.

#04. Attractive Content

You don’t want to ask peoples for guest posting, linking back to you, and all this kind of stuff. Do you want peoples to automatically start linking to your website, blog, or article?

If, yes!

Then, this tactic is for you. You just have put your best of the best to create content. Put all of your knowledge, techniques, research, and methods about any particular topic. Decorate your Content with high-quality photos, images, and videos, and when users find your content is best in the world about that particular topic.

He will start sharing with others and other sites start linking to your website, whenever they talk about that particular topic.

#05. Infographics

Literally, Infographics are amazing. When it comes to make your content beautiful and get a backlink from another website. It took some effort but it also enhances your graphics and designing skills. Here is a good example of infographics, an image provided by Cliqued Media a web design Agency in Ireland.

Info Graphics
6-9 Trinity St, Dublin 2, D02 EY47, Ireland

Actually, Infographics are best when you want to summarize your full content in one picture. Now the question would be in your mind, how will you get a backlink from it?

See, Everyone can’t create Infographics, the reason could be anything. It may be a time issue or maybe skill issue. But, everyone wants to make their content look attractive and that’s why peoples use other persons Infographics and multimedia. And in return, they link back to your website.

That’s it! This is the game. Play this game and build backlinks for your website or blog.

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#06. Build Friendship or Relationship

Listen, guys, the strategy isn’t just for building backlinks. This strategy can help you to grow your business. If you want to make your business successful. You must have to build relationships and friendships with others in your field.

What do you think guys, building a relationship or friendship is an important part to make your business successful or not. Let me know in the comment section.👇

#07. Reviews & Testimonials

Actually, these things work very well but you have to do this thing in a manner. I saw many newbie bloggers directly try to get backlinks from big and high-authority websites by doing their reviews and giving testimonials.

But I don’t think, in this way you will get a backlink. Instead of approaching big websites. Approach small websites, small website owners will be happier to know, you are doing reviews of their service or giving positive testimonials.

Because they pay for it and you are doing free for them and in return you can easily ask them for a backlink.

Hope! You got the point.

Now, I would like to hear from you. Your favorite tactics to build backlinks. I’m Waiting in the comments.

Best of Luck❤!

Backlinks Faq

What are backlinks in SEO examples?

Backlinks are those links that linking to your website. It helps search engine algorithm to identify website quality.

Are backlinks still important for SEO?

Yes! Absolutely, backlinks are still one of the key factors for SEO and You should not ignore them.

Can you buy backlinks?

As per Google, this is a wrong practice and it can penalize your website. But people buy backlinks but many good SEOs will not recommend you to do this. If you are serious about your blogging career.

Can I sell backlinks?

Frankly speaking, people do this but this is wrong practice according to google and your website could be punished for it.

How many backlinks do I need?

It totally depends upon your competitors and keyword difficulty. As much higher competitive keywords you will choose that many backlinks and hard work needed.

keyword difficulty

How backlinks help SEO?

When a blog, article or website get link from authority websites again and again. It ultimately helps you in SEO.

Where to get backlinks?

There are lots of ways to get backlinks and we also have shared 7 natural tactics to get backlinks.

Where to buy backlinks?

I highly recommend you don’t buy backlinks but if you still want to buy backlinks then you can use platforms like — Fiverr, Upwork, Seoclerks to buy backlinks.

Where to get backlinks free?

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks for free. Some are like — guest posts, broken link building, etc. You can check out our article to know more about free backlink building methods.

Why my backlinks are not showing?

Don’t worry about it. It took some time to index.

When to disavow backlinks?

I have seen most of the peoples only build backlinks but disavowing bad links are also very important. Whenever you find irrelevant or bad-quality backlinks, disavow them.

Which backlinks matter?

Backlinks which relevant to your website niche with good DA & PA are matter a lot

When Should You Start Pursuing SEO Services?

When Should You Start Pursuing SEO Services

Businesses will commonly benefit from using SEO services that make your site more popular in search engine results thereby redirecting more web traffic, and ultimately more revenues, to your business. Using SEO services can make a real difference for your business and result in significantly higher revenues and brand recognition overall. When should a business start to use SEO? The answer is basically at all times.

When a business is in its infancy (also known as the development stage), a company is not well-known to customers and needs to establish itself online. SEO can help to improve a business’s web presence and start to pique an interest in the business. The first several customers and attention are the hardest to come by and many SEO firms will, therefore, develop unique and different promos to attract attention for your site, often by leveraging off of well-known review sites and third-party sources that can help to establish your business online.

Once your business is established online and in actuality, SEO can help your business to grow and attract more customers as time goes on. As such, as your company grows SEO remains just as important as it always is. SEO can be a competitive tool to distance yourself from your competition and can help you to grow into new markets. If your industry is in decline, SEO can, by furthering the interest that remaining customers have for your industry towards your business and stem the losses.

As such, the answer to when SEO is needed for a business is basically at all times. SEO should be an ongoing process for a company and should not be pushed to the back burner as other competitors will likely be using SEO to grow their own businesses, often at the expense of your company.

The Link Wheel formula to Website Traffic

The Link Wheel formula to Website Traffic

Website traffic is the most important aspect of any online business. Without the stream of visitors, you have no business!

There are a number of ways to accelerate the amount of traffic your website can achieve, such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising.

But one sure fire way to drive traffic to your website or blog is by creating a ‘Link Wheel’.

A Link Wheel is a system created to generate a network of links pointing back to your main website, which create a higher page rank for your site as the search engines see your website as a popular site because you have a group of related and well keyworded sites and popular social bookmarking sites pointing back directly to you.

This may all sound a little complex, so I have created some simple graphics to show you the 4 simple steps to creating a Link Wheel formula that will hopefully drive massive amounts of traffic to your website in no time.

To successfully create a Link Wheel as shown below does take some time and patience. It’s not a fast process, but as they say, there is no quick way to ultimate success, but hopefully, this will help you understand and speed up the process of creating your Link Wheel.

Step 1
Once you have your website up and running, search engine optimized and submitted to the search engines, you need to create a series of 8 microsites.
These microsites work best if they have their own domain names that relate to the content of the master website.
For example, if your main website sells car parts for classic cars and your domain name is your business name, then purchase 8 domain names relating to this, such as classiccarparts.com, uniqueautoparts.com, classicpartsforcars.com…you get the idea!
You can buy the domain names fairly cheaply at Godaddy.com for around $11 a domain name.
You also need to now create the 8 microsites. The easiest way to do this is using WordPress, but if you are not a web guru and have no idea how to install WordPress there is a couple of solutions.

The Link Wheel formula to Website Traffic

Solution 1. Since you need to host 8 websites, the easiest way to set up your blogs is to purchase a hosting account with Hostgator. Hostgator’s cpanel allows you to simply click a button and the WordPress blog is created for you. No mucking around setting up databases, etc. It is done for you in less than a few minutes!
And as you need to set up 8 sites you obviously need them hosted. Rather than paying a hosting account for each site which could cost a thousand dollars or so, Hostgator allows you to purchase the one account for around $8 per month, which you can then split into 8 (or more) sites for no extra cost!

Solution 2. If you already have a hosted account you can go to Fiverr.com and have someone set up your WordPress account for $5 per site. You can sit back and relax and someone will do it all for you!

Make sure each microsite links back to the main website. This starts building your link structure, making it easy for the search engines to list you.

NOTE: Don’t add links FROM your main site to the microsites, only from the microsites TO the main site. This prevents the search engines from busting you for possibly spamming their search engines and earning you a blacklisting.

So once you have your main site and 8 microsites set up, each with their own domain, it should look something like this:

Step 2.
Now you need to add content to the sites in order for them to be also picked up on the search engines.
Create about 4 pages for each of the 8 sites, and make sure the content on each page is keyword specific relating to your main product, and the pages are named well.

For example, titles for the pages such as car-parts-for-classic-cars.html, If you are using WordPress make sure you turn on the Permalink setting. this turns the page numbers into search engine friendly titles. See the setting example below and set your custom permalink on each wordpress site the same as this for best results:

Your Link Wheel should now look something like this below:

Each page doesn’t have to be a huge page of text and images. In fact, just a couple of decent paragraphs of well written product-related content per page is all you need.

If you are not great at writing, don’t steal or copy content from other sites. The search engines could catch you for duplicate content and drop you from their searches. Again, go to Fiverr.com and you will find there are people willing to write the articles you require for $5 per article, or search content writers online and you will find cheap packages available.

Now add in a few internal links from related keywords in a few of the pages, pointing them back to each of the other microsites. try not to get two microsites pointing to each other or again Google may pick you up for spamming and your cover is blown! Follow my graphic below, which shows you the correct way of linking each of your sites for best results.

Step 3.

You’re almost there!
Now comes the real dynamic part to the process. You want to get all your sites and pages listed on as many search engines and social bookmarking sites as you can.

The graphic below shows just a few of the most popular ones to link to. By linking to these will boost not only your page rank but it will attract other members to follow you and link through to your website.
Because many of these sites have so many people already listed on them they have a good page rank already. When you get all your microsites listed on them as well, this boosts up the page rank and popularity of each site, and in turn, boosts your main website immediately.

Remember, the microsites aren’t designed to be selling anything, they are purely to generate traffic back to your main website through optimization and link building. Of course, you can always add a banner on each microsite to promote and drive traffic to your main site.

Sites such as StumbleUpon and Hubpages work as their own microsites and social bookmarking sites, so you need to create accounts on each one for your pages. This can take a lot of time.
But an easier way is to go to OnlyWire or LinksAlpha and create one account which will post your pages to all these sites and more. You still have to create the initial accounts for each site, but it is all done through LinksAlpha and Onlywire, saving a lot of time.

You have now created your Link Wheel!
Now sit back and watch the traffic start rolling in to your website!

Source : Home Improvement Companies in Avon

9 Title Tagging Tips for More Website Visitors

9 Title Tagging Tips for More Website Visitors

While most people now understand that content is king when it comes to achieving a great result on the search engines, many people may not realise that one of the most important aspects of your website to drive visitors is the title tag.

The Title tag is the line of text that appears in the top line of your web browser and the first line that most people see when they search for anything on Google.

Title tags work two ways to drive traffic to your website…one being the critical seo that Google needs to determine how and where it will list you, and the second being the interest it generates to your audience that find that link on Google to make them want to click it.

Get this nice balance perfected and you could not just be looking at a page one Google success, but also driving more web traffic than any other listing on that page.

So lets look at 9 interesting tips on title tagging success…

 9 Title Tagging Tips for More Website Visitors

1. Don’t use the Domain Name or Business name in the Title Tag
Many people believe you need the domain name in the title tag. Maybe if you are a huge corporate company and people know you than this will work well..if they are searching for your company.
But if you are a  florist business in New York, than your title should reflect this and not so much on your domain name.

For instance, as the example below, if you search for ‘New York Florist’, this is one of the first results out of a possible 18.8 million results….

There is no mention of the business name in the title tag, but the search term I used is in the description.
It is also in the description as well, which gives Google a great indication of  where it should be positioned when someone searches for the terms’ New York florist or ‘New York flowers’.

So you will see their business name is not mentioned in the title or description at all!

2. The Homepage should not be called the Home Page!
Many newbies to the web like to call their first page their homepage to let others know it is the homepage. The problem with this is it has no relevance to the product or services you provide, and people won’t be searching for the term ‘homepage’ when they search for your products.
So as tip number 1, name the title to reflect your business services or products, not the name of the page.

 3. Always use Keywords in the title tag
As in the example of the florist screenshot, the main reason that particular florist business comes up on the first page of Google over the other millions of florists on Google is fairly simple..they used the right combination of keywords in their title and description. Not too many keywords to spam the title, but also not too little, ensuring a good keyword density.
In fact, if you have one particular niche you are promoting, providing your keywords in the title and the description match the content that is on your homepage well, you almost can’t fail in getting a great result on Google.

4. Don’t make the Title too long
Remember, the title is purely to give Google, and the visitor a brief single line introduction as to what you do. More than 70 characters is too long for Google, and if you need more than 70 characters you are probably adding too many non-related words in your title. Keep it under 70 characters and straight to the point.

5. And don’t make the Title too short!
As mentioned above, you have 70 characters to introduce your website to the world. Use them. Think of it like a handshake when you first meet someone.. “Don’t just say “Hi”, give a bit of a short spiel so they know what you do.

6 The first few words of your title need to make an impression.
When you’re on Google you look just like all the other listings, so make sure your description is interesting enough to stand out from the crowd, so they click your’s even over another site above your listing.
Briefly add into your Title and description a few points that make you stand out from the crowd. The New York florist for example is “the number 1 florist in New York offering nationwide same day delivery”. Thats what people want! You’ll get the visitors to your site.

7. Don’t just add your business name to the title.
Unless people are directly looking for your business name, don’t add it unless you have room left at the end of the 70 characters. Your services or products are probably most likely what they are looking for when it comes to attracting new business.

8. Keep away from a spammy Title.
We’ve all seen them before..a title tag full of keywords. Not only does this look ugly on a website, but on Google’s page it just gets lost into the page design, and Google doesn’t favour spammy titles either.
As mentioned above, the title is an introduction of what you do. You wouldn’t repeat yourself constantly to a person in the first meeting with them, so avoid it on your website.

9. Don’t forget the importance of your location if it’s important.
Many small local businesses find great success on Google if they add their location to the title tag. Such as the New York Florist, if they used the term ‘USA Florist’ they would probably just get lost in the Google crowd, but as people are often looking for a local  service, especially when it’s flowers, adding your site or suburb into your Title and description can make a huge difference when people search for you.

Add these handy tips into your web page titles and you’ll see your site’s results improve dramatically in no time!

The SEO Benefits of Blogging


If you are planning on building a new website, or just looking at some ways to increase traffic dramatically to your existing HTML or CMS website, adding a blog is something every business should think about. While a blog generally serves the purpose to give visitors a reason to come back to your site regularly, the main advantage of a blog is that it greatly increases your positioning on the search engines. Imagine the advantages for your business of you could appear in the top 3 or so listings in every search category for your business services?

By regularly posting to your blog, it can realistically achieve this result for you, which a standard website might not. The SEO benefits of a blog are enormous! The difference between a normal website and a blog is that most websites usually only have a few pages of content, so they are limited to a number of words per page, and many of these words may not directly benefit your rankings on the search engines. Also, most websites are rarely updated or added to, and if Google doesn’t see regular things happening to your website they will begin to push it down in relevance to websites that regularly refresh and add the related content on their site. Adding a blog means that you have the opportunity to add fresh keyword-rich content that you want to rank for in the search results, and you are giving Google fresh content to entice them to boost you up the ladder. Blog software such as WordPress is designed for news releases, so if set up correctly, it is possible to literally see your new content on the first page of Google within a matter of a few minutes. And if your content is good you can easily remain on the top of Google’s first page for months. You won’t even get this kind of result with paid search engine optimization on a standard site!


There are a few things to keep in mind when blogging with WordPress:

Make sure you add the SEO tools into your blog for maximum results.

The ones I recommend are:

Ultimate SEO
The ultimate all in one SEO plugin, which helps create your keywords, metatags, and much more.

Google XML Image Map
The Google map lists all the images within your website and creates a map which Google then read. This helps them determine placement for your listing.

Google XMP Sitemap
The Google XML sitemap is probably the most important single tool for any website that wants to be found on the search engines. The sitemap lays out a structure of your website or blog so that Google can follow through all the links.

Every time a new page is added, deleted or moved or even renamed, Google will be notified and the changes placed on the search engines.

Always make sure you have your Permalinks set up correctly.
Permalinks turn the standard WordPress coded page names into search engine friendly text strings. (Have a look at the name of this page you are reading for an example of what I mean.

1 Click  Retweet
The 1 Click plugin is designed to work with LinksAlpha.
LinksAlpha is a free online service which will automatically post every blog post on your blog to your linked Facebook, Twitter and many other social media bookmarking networks, so each time you add a new message you spread your post much further. When writing your blog posts/articles, make sure you add approximately 5 to 10 major related keywords to each average length page.

The more non-related keywords you add the more you will weaken your keyword density.

Try adding longer phrases (called ‘long tail keywords’ as this can help you rank well. The longer the keyphrase gets, the fewer instances of it will be indexed in the search engines, giving you a prime position at the top.

Always make sure you have a title that is similar to what people would be entering into a Google search. The closer you are too specific searches, the closer you will be to attracting your target audience instead of just random searches.

When adding images always name them related to the product. Blog images pick up very well in Google Images and provide a direct link back to your webpage. Also, ensure you have ‘tagged’ your image in WordPress. remember, the more density your overall pages have the better Google can precisely list you.

Tags in WordPress are similar to keywords and create additional pages for you in the sitemap, interlinking related pages within your website through commonly shared tags. This creates a roadmap for Google to drive through and work out where they should place you but also how relevant your site is to them. If they love you they will put you to the top.

There is no real hard work to getting a top listing on Google. Without you Google have no business, so they really have made it as easy as possible, if you make it easy for them to work with your content.
Avoid Duplicate Content

The one downfall of blogging is that many bloggers tend to get lazy. No one likes having to try and write interesting content all the time, so many bloggers use someone else’s content they have found or purchased and add it to their own blog.

This is called ‘Duplicate Content’, and Google HATE it! It is the aim for all major search engines to try and provide original content throughout their searches so people don’t keep finding the same content over and over again.

Google has a system so that whoever had the content first gets the top spot, and others are either pushed down or push right off the search engines altogether, so always use fresh content on your website or blog.

So before you rush off and build another website, think seriously about adding or building your website in a blog format. The extra traffic you will receive will have you wondering why you didn’t invest in it earlier!