Private Blog Networks FAQ’s

Q: Are Private Blog Networks are dead now?

Ans: Google is targeting low-quality private blog networks, low-quality PBNs will be dead soon, but if you have high-quality PBNs i.e. good contents, good design and you have avoided footprints they still work. Google likes good and informative contents.

Q: What are the Qualities of good PBN sites?

Ans: Good PBNs have high-Quality Contents, Unique Design, Good logo, good permalink structure, relevant Images, relevant videos, some sort of offering in the form of pdf files, infographics, properly configured outbound and inbound links and essential pages like about us, contact us, Privacy Policy and no broken Links

Q: Why to build Private Blog Network on Expired Domains?

Ans: Expired domain have authority and backlinks, we transfer domain authority and links juice to money site, which helps money site ranking very quickly.

Q: Are PBNs are white hat or black hat technique?

Ans: PBN’s are on the borderline, it’s called grey hat technique you are safe until you have not crossed the borderline

Q: How to search expired Domains?

Ans: See the detail answer at

Q: How to get good contents?

Ans: Click here to read an informative post on getting cheap and good contents.

Q: How to buy already searched expired domains from dealers?

Ans: Here is the list of expired domain dealers from where you can buy good expired domains

Q: Can you Build Private Blog Networks for Us?

Ans: Yes we can build Private Blog Network for you at a very fair price, you just have to email [email protected] us, and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: What will be the cost of one PBN site

Ans: It depends on the expired domain cost, hosting you like but normally one site will cost roughly 70$, which will include finding and registering an expired domain, hosting, writing and adding contents on Private Blog Network site, adding relevant images and videos, inbound and outbound linking and avoiding footprints.

Q: What will be the matrices of expired domains?

Ans: CF and TF above 15, DA and PA above 15 and 20 plus active backlinks

Q: Can you maintain already build Private Blog Network for us?

Ans: Yes we can maintain already build Private Blog Network for you.

Q: What will be the price of maintaining Private Blog Network

Ans: It will depend on the size of your Network.

Q: How much time spent on setting Private Blog Network?

Ans: It will depend on the size of Network your order.

Q: Can you build Web 2.0 properties for us.

Ans: Yes we can build Web 2.0 properties for you, indeed it’s a good idea to have some Web 2.0 properties for your money site, we place these Web 2.0 properties on the third layer and transfer their power to PBN’s and PBNs power to the money site.