Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Long-term Results

Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Long-term Results

Some Internet marketing strategies bring results, but they are fleeting, short-term results. If you want your site to last, to keep pulling successful results for the long-term, then there a few Internet marketing strategies you have to incorporate:

1. Opt-in Lists – With an opt-in list, you have the names and email addresses of people who voluntarily provided you with them. You can’t find a more highly targeted audience than that.

In order to build your list, ask for your visitor’s name and email address, and in return, provide them with something they want. It could be anything from your free newsletter to an email course.

You can request a visitor’s name and email address with a simple form on your site. Free list delivery services like and provide a simple sign-up form for you to use. offers an unusually large assortment of lead-grabbing devices for free. For best results, put the sign-up form on each page of your site.

Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Long-term Results

A form that pops-up into another, smaller page can work especially well for gathering leads. These are a little harder to program. If you’re new to web design, ask for help from someone who has a pop-up on their site.

2. Free Anything – Speaking of free, you need to give your customers and visitors something that will remind them of you every time they look at it; something that has your name, business, product or service written all over it (not literally, of course). This could be anything from a free ebook to a free pen. But I suggest using freebies that can be distributed over the Internet, so you can generate even more business from just one customer when they forward your gift on to their friends.

3. Give Away Content – the Internet community is always looking for more content, anything from articles to tutorials, tips to reports. You can write one article and send it out to thousands of eager people who need content for their sites, newsletters, ezines, and online publications. This way you can saturate the Internet with your name and expertise, and advertise with your author paragraph. Just be sure to let people know they can’t change your article or reprint it under other names, and that they are required to include your author paragraph if they choose to reprint it.

Use these long-term marketing strategies and drive a steady stream of traffic to your website that will only increase over time.